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Why FiberCut Fiber Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machines are preferred in Metal Laser Cutting. According to CO2 laser types, it takes longer life and less space. Cutting quality and metal cutting capabilities are higher than fiber laser machines compared to co2 laser machines. Especially 2kw FiberCut Pro model can be used as a full.

Professional Solutions

As FiberCut Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, we produce open and closed professional machine production, special size and automated fiber metal cutting machine in standard sizes. In addition, we have robot slider production in compliance with industry 4 standards in cnc and fiber machines.

Perfect Cutting Quality

FiberCut metal fiber cutting devices utilize technology to pass their competitors in a very short time with perfect cutting quality. The AC servo motor with precision cutting starts with the quality of the motor, the helical rack and pinion drive system. The selected fiber affects the resonator and the fiber head system. Our FiberCut Fiber laser cutting models use the top systems of technology in this equipment.

Saving On Time

FiberCut Laser cutting machine with fast and detailed production will save you time. Especially small and medium sized companies will take these devices to their own bodies and reduce their dependence on foreign countries and will provide time and profit. The FiberCut standard model offers very economical solutions.

Profitable Investment

FiberCut Laser metal cutting laser subcontracting itself in 6 months in the event of 20 hours working in case of the cost. If it is in the enterprise, it will pay itself between 6 months and 12 months depending on the intensity of use.

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