Fiber Laser Marking

Bar coding and marking markets Increasing the increasing industrial production and increasing easy labeling processes. You get it with LASER3 (laser cube). Laser Cube is the newest laser marking machine with 1064nm infrared wavelength, which uses long-life Diode Pump Solid State (DPSS) technology. In addition to its unique laser beam beam uniformity, the laser cavit (laser section), scan head, all electronic control circuits are fitted into a small cube of 36x27x25cm. LASER3 with the highest power at excellent power (with the highest power output over 130 kW); In metal, plastic, silicon or pcb type materials, it is suitable to be in the form of two or three dimensional bar codes (Datamatrix), in alphanumeric codes, logo marking, installation in coating on smooth or curved surfaces. LAZER3 is the latest digital galvo scanning head technology on the Internet in the Research & Development Laboratories of the Sei Spa company. Especially; the high resolution (with TEM00 to M2 <1.5 and the beam 25 in the focus is smaller than the micron, ie 0.025 mm smaller) and the average laser output is kept on the minimum life of 20.000 hours. RESULT; a product that is not available in today’s markets. The lenses in the system are adjustable. It is expected to mark up to 180 x 180 mm area. In addition, it is possible to obtain the beam beam (spot size) in the system in a variety of thicknesses which are automatically heard in different applications or at different times in the same job.

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