Fiber Laser Cutting Head

FiberCut Model is a manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine, Raytools brand fiber laser muscle, which is produced in ─░svi├žre. These are models that can focus automatically or focus manually. The fiber beam in the unknown can be cut with different focus depending on the thickness and purpose of the cut metal. After that, the fiber laser head affects the top of the machine. The BT240S series Laser Cutting Heads were launched in 2017, based on the BT240 of RAYTOOLS AG, Switzerland, which is suitable for medium to high power fiber lasers in industrial applications. Based on the BT240 series, the BT240S series has been turned into an optimization in an upgraded version from the dust-proof design and customer orientation. As we all know, the collimation lens is very likely to be contaminated when the optical fibers are attached or removed, while the BT240S series avoids this risk by removing an upper protective window from the collimating assembly. At the same time, the lower protective window structure is also raised, adding a dust cover on it. The double protection design greatly improves user safety when replacing the protective glass and the risk of lens contamination is zero.

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